Brit Wacher, award winning and internationally acclaimed designer, creates ‘out-of-this world’ fashions intentionally empowering the wo(man) within all of us. Her experimentation with silhouette, structure, symmetry, and form challenge convention and invite a new perspective. Since establishing the brand in 2014, Brit Wacher has become known as ‘The Structural Queen’ and quickly, a go-to source for wearable avant-garde. 


Educated in Vancouver and trained in Holland under the exquisite, wearable technologist, Pauline Van Dongen who recently was added to Forbes list of top 50 women in tech. 

Merging the elements of technological innovation and holistic philosophy, Brit Wacher creates designs to propel humanity into a higher consciousness through Energy Elevation Technology ™  The foundation and guiding principal of the line is to create textile and wearable garments with healing properties. Wacher is currently working closely with universities, researching scientific methodologies to create textiles made out of natural resources that have the ability to stabilize and revive human energy. Wacher will be releasing this new direction in the Fall.


The Brit Wacher mission to add value, inspire, empower, and enhance the ‘everyday’. Every project addresses the spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual body; Holistic Design. 


IATSE 822 Theatrical Wardrobe
Ryerson University partnership with Brit Wacher
Science Discovery Zone partnership with Brit Wacher