April, Fashion Art Toronto, Toronto



April 15, Fashion Art Toronto, Toronto

March 27, Fashion Preview, Montreal

March 18, Vancouver Fashion Week, Vancouver


October 15, Fashion Preview, Maison Ogilvy, Montreal
October 5, Fashion film Preview, Phi Centre, Montreal
September 9-13, Who’s Next Tradeshow, Paris, France

October 8, Fashion Preview, Phi Center, Montreal
October 20, Toronto Fashion Week, Toronto
June 20, Fashion Week, Beijing, China
April 20, Toronto Fashion Week, Toronto


September 8, Montreal Fashion Week, L’Arsenal, Montreal




January, The Kit, "4 Reasons We're Stoked for Fashion Week"

January,  The Star, "4 Reasons We're Stoked for Fashion Week"


November, CBC News

January, Fashion Magazine


October, Numero China, Editorial
September 29, Starcrossed Blog, Interview
September, Elements Magazine, Editorial featuring Brit Wacher exclusively 
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August 1, The Kit, Reset Fashion Celebration
July 1, Editorial Magazine, editorial


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May 1, Schon Magazine, Editorial
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December 15, The Kit, Wish List
December 1, Elle Canada Cover Shoot, feat. Winnie Harlow
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November, Tonic Magazine, Interview
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February, Clin D’oeil, print, feature “ Collection Austere”



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October, Fashion Magazine, Designer Feature Article
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October, Press The Fashion Magazine, Feature Article




"Brit is such a talent. Her love of style and edgy details comes through in the story she has to tell. Each piece is created and inspired through such a creative & soulful process. Her knowledge and background in fabrics and design shows in every piece. Genius. Gorgeous. In the moment."